Proteomics in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Degeneration, the progressive death of brain cells, and the progressive loss of structure or the function of neurons, including the Death of neurons, is the root cause of dementia. Several neurodegenerative diseases cause dementia with the most common being Alzheimer`s disease (AD) followed by Parkinson’s-Lewy body disease (PD-LBD). Importantly, neurodegenerative brain changes are also frequently associated with vascular disease of the brain (vascular cognitive impairment [VCI]), making mixed disease common in the aging population. These diseases are been considered as incurable. But in this recent Era nothing is been considered as an incurable or an impossible one by research .So as the research approaches many similarities that relate these disease to one another at a cellular level, and these similarities offers hope for therapeutic advances for the treatment of these diseases.